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Interview Process & Philosophy

A message from the Managing Partner, Kyle Williamson

The Orlando General Office has experienced unprecedented growth. That growth is a combination of recruiting and retention. It is our job to identify and hire new associates, but it is our responsibility to make sure they are successful. The Insurance Industry has struggled to retain a large percentage of the new agents hired. Retention comes from a combination of selecting the most appropriate candidates, then utilizing a robust training and supervision regimen to assist in their development.

There are a total of four interviews in the Orlando General Office. The first lasts about 45 minutes. The objective is to get to know the candidate and to learn about their background and achievements. We want to know why they are curious about our industry and why they think they could be a good fit. The Partners interview an average of 240 people a year. We select the top 8 to 10. It’s important to be prepared and to stand out. If we feel like the candidate has the attributes we look for, they will be invited to attend the second interview.

The second interview is a weekly session on culture and compensation. It is at this meeting the candidate gets an in depth explanation of how someone learns to be successful in the career and specifically what that means in regards to income and benefits. The session is typically Thursdays at Noon and lasts 90 minutes.

The third interview is dependent on the candidate completing specific homework assignments. If granted, the third interview takes an in depth look into the candidates background, dreams, and goals. We believe it’s absolutely critical to work with people you like and care about. It is this meeting that gives us a lot of that information.

At this point both the Partner and the candidate will come to a decision. If they choose to proceed, a fourth and final interview is set with the Managing Partner. The fourth is all about expectations. Successful relationships exist when expectations are clear and realistic.

If an offer is given, the candidate will need to get an insurance license with the state of Florida and go through the initial training regimen. The entire process will take a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks.

It is critical that candidates are candid in their conversations. They need to be transparent, honest, and ask questions. We highly suggest that all candidates interview elsewhere in the industry. This is hopefully a life-long decision, make it a good one.


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